Guest Towels

Linen Damask towels add elegance to any bathroom

They are more absorbent than cotton and dry much faster

All 100% linen, made in Ireland

Available in white and ecru

Sizes - 15x22, 18x32, 35x60

Prices start @$29.95

not all selections are shown here - more variety in store

Linen Loop Friction Towels from Lamont Mills

The age-old qualities of Irish Linen are transformed into this all-natural, highly absorbent pile linen towel. The fast-drying qualities and unique texture of the towel produce an invigorating drying performance.

Mitt $21.95, Hand Towel $55.95, Bath Towel $95.95

Madeira Guest Towels

100% linen, hand embroidered.

White with cutwork, $125.95 each

White with pink & green embroidery, $59.95 each